by Joe

Inspirational Shopping

April 30, 2012 in The Home by Joe

I think the funnest part of rehabbing a house is coming up with how you want it to look in the end…and all the running around looking at shiny new things of course.

We have about four weeks until the house is truly ours and can get back inside to really start the planning and figuring everything out. I suppose we could go back right now and do some diddling around and stuff but I think we’ve dragged our agent around enough the past couple weeks. Although… the back door doesn’t even lock so it’s not like we’d even need the access code to get inside. With my luck we’d probably get arrested and I’m thinking that would not be a good way to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. Of course if I want to up my street cred it could work in our favor.

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by Joe

The Dirty Details: Inside The Home

April 27, 2012 in The Home by Joe

I know you’re all dieing to see the inside of this place as much as I was. I’m a very patient person 99% of the time, but when in certain situations I lose all control and act like the 3 year old screaming at his parents and doing the I have to pee dance. “Get me in that house I have to pee I want to see!” Lucky for us our good friend is also our real estate agent so we got in to see the place the second day the house was on the market.

From all the previous homes that we’ve looked at I quickly learned that you really can’t judge a house from how nice it looks from the outside. I’ve mistakenly seen several episodes of the TV show “Horders” so I should have known things are sometimes quite scary behind closed doors.   A good example is the house that someone thought they could dig out the basement in to increase ceiling height and that digging below the footings of the house would be fine. Or the listing that says “recently updated” and when you walk in you wonder to yourself in what decade the house was “recently” updated, 1960?

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by Joe

I think we just bought a house…

April 24, 2012 in The Home by Joe

Are we finally going to get out of the house rental game? I think we are!!

We’ve been trying to get a house now for about 6 months or more. The rent we are paying right now is what most people pay on a mortgage for a rather large home. We realized how stupid this is when you can own a decent home for less than half of what we are paying in rent a month. Right now we live in a very nice area located in the western suburbs of Chicago called Downers Grove. We would love to stay in this area but the taxes and house costs are very out of reach for us. So we decided to venture closer to the city. Moving closer to the city has it’s benefits. First off, Chicago is a great city and fun to be in. Secondly my partner is in the construction trades and does a lot of work in the city.

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