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Closing Day Revisited

May 31, 2012 in The Home by Joe

As you know our closing day has come and gone. Boo hiss!!! We pushed as hard as we could to try to close last week but it just didn’t work. The long 3 day weekend would have been perfect for getting a lot of work done. Even though we didn’t close we decided to at least go over to the house and clean up the yard and do some much-needed trimming and removing of overgrowth. Shhh don’t tell anyone we were there, although I’m sure no one would be against us cleaning up the place ;) There are so many overgrown “weed” trees that have been left to grow and now will have to be pulled out with the truck. Fun!

Ugly Trees

All Gone! Almost….

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Closing Day!

May 24, 2012 in The Home by Joe

It’s closing day! Or is it…?

Right now we should be at the new house beginning work. Why aren’t we? Well as I’ve said in previous posts, we are dealing with some rather incompetent individuals and companies. What should have taken at most a week to accomplish is taking the seller over a month to do.  Gah! If you see a house you want to buy and it is being sold from a company called Altisource, Gohoming, or Ocwen, run for the hills! Unless you like a challenge and many headaches ;)

I did all my research after the fact. If I had done it before hand, I’m not so sure we would have put an offer in on this house. I read horror stories of people’s houses closing 6 months late! Oh my! That will not be happening here. The fact still remains that we got this house for an extremely good deal so I’m glad we did put the offer in even though it’s been a ton of work to get the deal to close.

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Well That Wasn’t So Bad

May 18, 2012 in The Home by Joe

House inspection complete! Another thing checked off the to-do list. Now all we need is to close on time. It’ll be a miracle if things go as planned.

With the current state that the house was in we were sure the “fix this” list was going to be the length of a novel. Now don’t get me wrong though it was still the length of a college essay paper. All the items on the list were all things we planned on fixing anyway so no biggie.

Inspection Report

I doubt the city will even come back and check if all the work was done but they wrote up 120 things. Yikes! Now that’s a list! About the only big item on the worksheet is switching the electricity over to 100 amp service, but even that won’t be that big of a deal since we can do everything with that except switching the services over ourselves.  Other than that the garage might need to be re-roofed. The rest of the fix list is made up mostly of plumbing, electrical, fixing windows, and visual fixes like cleaning up the mess outside.

The good news is that there is nothing on the list that prohibits immediate occupancy. Not that we’ll be moving in anytime soon. We have the place we are living in right now till July 1st. From closing day till then we’ll be spending every free second over at the new house fixing everything we can before we move in permanently. It would be awesome if we could get the master bedroom in the attic space started and livable before we moved in. Having the attic partially finished at least would be a huge accomplishment and make moving in a little easier. The bedrooms that are currently there, the only thing that would fit is the bed. To get into the bed I’d have to set a trampoline at the end so I could get a running start and do a flying somersault into bed.

5 days till closing…

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A Little Speed Bump

May 14, 2012 in The Home by Joe

If you haven’t read yet how we acquired the house that this blog is centered around and the headaches associated with it, be sure to read the  I Think We Just Bought A House post. The issues relating to our latest speed bump will make a bit more sense.

I hate speed bumps, they’re as about as useful as an empty roll of toilet paper. They appear to serve a purpose but we all know neither works too well. Although I’ve seen on Pinterest some fancy ideas for turning an empty toilet paper roll into a telephone, a telescope, and even a little race car! Maybe the empty toilet paper roll is more useful than I first thought.

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Eye Candy

May 11, 2012 in Shopping by Joe

One of the bonuses of having a partner who’s in the construction trades is we get to shop at places that the general public doesn’t know about or places the public can’t even buy from. That and we don’t have to hire a contractor to do any of the work in our new rehab home. Although…a house full of construction guys could be ummm fun? :) I may have to rethink our approach here.

We’ll probably do a lot of shopping at Home Depot but will not be buying any of the finishings from there or any other well-traveled store if we can help it. Why is that you wonder? Let me explain. When a person steps into a house and can say to themselves  “that tile is from Home Depot.” or “those cabinets I’ve seen at a dozen other houses” is not the first thing we want people to say to themselves. Not that there is anything wrong with tile or cabinets from these places, but we want to use more unique things. I guess we’re high maintenance.

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Veggies Looking For Home

May 8, 2012 in Gardening by Joe

Do you ever do something and while you’re doing it you say to yourself “self, if I do this I know something’s going to happen to make what I’m doing right now pointless”?

I love to garden whether it’s a veggie garden or flower garden. Some might say I even go a little overboard. For some reason planting 15 tomato plants is considered crazy by some. Hey I like tomatoes what can I say, and I make a kick-ass salsa if I do say so myself. So when we started looking for a house to buy I had to decide if I was going to start seeds indoors this year for my veggie garden. Our search was so hit and miss that I wasn’t sure if we’d be here through the growing season or somewhere new.  My train of thought is that if I start the seeds that means we’ll find a place and it’ll work out so that I won’t be able to plant the veggies. Obviously I wanted to buy a house…so I planted my seeds like I was planting good wishes. I guess it worked!

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The Waiting Game

May 7, 2012 in The Home by Joe

Started packing our first boxes the other day. Almost exactly a year ago we were moving into the place we’re living in now, and now we get to do it all over again. The fact that we are moving and about to step into an unknown and long  adventure is starting to set in. Are we ready? I hope so! I’m filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, but mostly excitement.

We are still waiting on the village inspection so we can see what repairs need to be done before occupancy can be achieved. We are getting close to the closing date so someone needs to get their rear in gear and get it done. We are guessing the village repair list is going to be as thick as a phone book but are hoping what needs to be done before they’ll give the occupancy permit wont be anything too serious or costly. We know for sure the electricity will need to be upgraded since the house is on a fuse box and not a breaker box. Not knowing what else is going to be on the list and being so close to the close date puts me on edge.

We really want to get working on the attic as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if we are living on plywood floors and staring at unfinished drywall, but having a new clean place to escape to while we work on the rest of the house would be nice. Plus we kinda need a safe and clean place to lock up the fur-balls in so they aren’t walking on newly coated floors, licking wet paint or crawling into the walls in search of secret hiding spots. Can you imagine accidentally closing one of your pets up inside a wall?! Eeek! To even get to that point though is going to take loads of planning and lots of thinking. There are no stairs to the attic right now so that has to be figured out first. We have some general ideas on where to put them but we really need to spend a whole day looking the place over, lay things out, and then forge on.  It’s probably not a good thing I don’t drink much anymore because I think I’m going to need a cocktail or two…or twenty.

16 days and counting…


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Update: Attic Space

May 1, 2012 in The Home by Joe

I’m happy to report that we were able to get back into the house to take some definite measurements and were also able to get up into the attic this time.

At first we couldn’t get the attic access panel to open, it would move but not pop up. I was envisioning a dead body holding it down. I didn’t notice this until today but one of the bedrooms had a padlock and latch on the outside of the door, thought that was strange. Wonder what they were keeping locked up in there, hmmm.  Lucky for us the object blocking the attic access was just a pipe in the way of the door and not an unsolved murder.

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