Veggies Looking For Home

May 8, 2012 in Gardening by Joe

Do you ever do something and while you’re doing it you say to yourself “self, if I do this I know something’s going to happen to make what I’m doing right now pointless”?

I love to garden whether it’s a veggie garden or flower garden. Some might say I even go a little overboard. For some reason planting 15 tomato plants is considered crazy by some. Hey I like tomatoes what can I say, and I make a kick-ass salsa if I do say so myself. So when we started looking for a house to buy I had to decide if I was going to start seeds indoors this year for my veggie garden. Our search was so hit and miss that I wasn’t sure if we’d be here through the growing season or somewhere new. ┬áMy train of thought is that if I start the seeds that means we’ll find a place and it’ll work out so that I won’t be able to plant the veggies. Obviously I wanted to buy a house…so I planted my seeds like I was planting good wishes. I guess it worked!


At this point I’m not sure if my opening sentence will hold true or not yet. There is a small space at the new place for a garden (damn, no excessive planting here) but it’s almost the middle of May already and my seedlings are begging to be put in the ground. If all goes according to the schedule we close may 24th. I’m not sure the seedlings will make it that long before outgrowing their little starter peat pots. I would hate to have to throw all these perfect plants in the trash. Perhaps I’ll bring them with me to the closing so we can go right over to the house and plant them afterwards :).

I have more seedlings than what will probably fit in my supposed garden area, 30 plants that consist of tomatoes, cukes, beans, broccoli, summer squash, and sweet peppers. I’m still missing some things that I always plant like hot peppers, eggplant, and tomatillos so I’ll be cramming this new space to max capacity.

15 days and counting!