A Little Speed Bump


If you haven’t read yet how we acquired the house that this blog is centered around and the headaches associated with it, be sure to read the  I Think We Just Bought A House post. The issues relating to our latest speed bump will make a bit more sense.

I hate speed bumps, they’re as about as useful as an empty roll of toilet paper. They appear to serve a purpose but we all know neither works too well. Although I’ve seen on Pinterest some fancy ideas for turning an empty toilet paper roll into a telephone, a telescope, and even a little race car! Maybe the empty toilet paper roll is more useful than I first thought.

So we’ve been after the seller now for the last 3 weeks to get the city inspection done as you can’t close without one. We probably have pushed our agent and lawyer to the brink of crazy town trying to get all the things in order so we can close on our house next week. Oh my god it’s coming up so fast! Seems like just yesterday it was months away.

There are so many hands in this pot that it seems to take 20 emails to get any info and to get anything accomplished. Our agent has been constantly keeping the heat on trying to get the sellers to initiate the city inspection. The  coordinator for the house who I don’t think even knew what we were talking about, like they’ve never heard of a city inspection, eventually sent us some “inspection” that was done by a listing agent…no that’s not it. Grrrr! Come on we are closing soon, get your shit together!

We find out last night that finally the seller contacted the city and inspection was to take place at 10 Monday morning. About time! We’ve only been trying to get them to get it done for 3 weeks! Barry showed up at our new place promptly and waited…and waited…and waited some more. Hmmm something was up, nobody is showing up. After a few dozen calls it turns out the seller lied and never set anything up with the city. Insert a mouthful of choice words here.

This whole situation has been a headache from the word go. I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with so many incompetent people in such large numbers at once. They’re kind of like empty toilet paper rolls ;)  The silver lining to this whole situation, the people at city hall have been very kind and very helpful. That is not something a person is use to when dealing with the local government. Like I felt we should have done from the very beginning, we got the city inspection set up ourselves and on our dime for this coming Thursday and should have the report by end of day Friday. The inspector was very understanding of the time frame and will expedite his services. Finally someone who actually does their job, refreshing.

If I am present at the closing I’m going to have to bite my tongue the whole time and not share my opinion of all those involved from the sellers side. Maybe I’ll bring a sucker to chew on to keep my mouth busy, or maybe a really loud bag of chips that I can keep crinkling to annoy them as much as they’ve annoyed us. Do they still make those noisy potato chip bags everyone was whining about a couple of months ago? Those would be perfect!

OK I better put the “bitch” back in the closet now.

8 days and counting!

2 comments for “A Little Speed Bump

  1. Ellen
    15 May, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    I feel your pain. When we sold my mother’s house I thought I would have a nervous breakdown.
    I also wanted to make snarky comments at the closing. I recommend one or two Jolly Ranchers. Bite slowing into them and then there is no way you’ll be able to free your jaws in time to do anything other than sneer. Sneering is good.
    BTW – I was one of those people that bitched about the noisy chip bag. Now I can’t remember which one it was.

  2. Joe
    17 May, 2012 at 12:08 am

    That’s funny about the Jolly Ranchers, I do that all the time when I eat them. I’ll be sure to bring a few with me ;)

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