Closing Day!

May 24, 2012 in The Home by Joe

It’s closing day! Or is it…?

Right now we should be at the new house beginning work. Why aren’t we? Well as I’ve said in previous posts, we are dealing with some rather incompetent individuals and companies. What should have taken at most a week to accomplish is taking the seller over a month to do.  Gah! If you see a house you want to buy and it is being sold from a company called Altisource, Gohoming, or Ocwen, run for the hills! Unless you like a challenge and many headaches ;)

I did all my research after the fact. If I had done it before hand, I’m not so sure we would have put an offer in on this house. I read horror stories of people’s houses closing 6 months late! Oh my! That will not be happening here. The fact still remains that we got this house for an extremely good deal so I’m glad we did put the offer in even though it’s been a ton of work to get the deal to close.

Instead of us packing and getting ready for the move we’ve basically been doing things that was the sellers responsibility. We quickly learned that if we didn’t do certain things that was supposed to be the sellers job it wouldn’t get done and we’d be even further behind on our closing date. I keep saying to myself and Barry “why does it seem like all those involved in this transaction act like they’ve never handled a real estate deal?”. We can’t figure it out. If I was selling a house and had a buyer, you’d be sure I’d be on the ball to get it sold and closed ASAP! Why keep something around that is just costing you money everyday.

We really wanted to have the three-day weekend that is coming up to work on the place. Two determined bodies can get a lot done in 36 hours.

There is a very slight chance that we could still close on the house Friday. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that it will happen. Please! Please! Please! The issue holding up the closing is the title/deed.  The seller hasn’t had it stamped by the city and there is an old water bill that needs to be paid on the house. Barry has been running around everyday this past week trying to get things notarized and paperwork turned in (again doing the legwork that the seller was supposed to have done) but the title issue is one thing that was out of our control. So now we wait.

0 days till our supposed closing..  :-/