Closing Day Revisited

May 31, 2012 in The Home by Joe

As you know our closing day has come and gone. Boo hiss!!! We pushed as hard as we could to try to close last week but it just didn’t work. The long 3 day weekend would have been perfect for getting a lot of work done. Even though we didn’t close we decided to at least go over to the house and clean up the yard and do some much-needed trimming and removing of overgrowth. Shhh don’t tell anyone we were there, although I’m sure no one would be against us cleaning up the place ;) There are so many overgrown “weed” trees that have been left to grow and now will have to be pulled out with the truck. Fun!

Ugly Trees

All Gone! Almost….

Way in the back next to and behind the garage is pretty much a forest that is going to take a lot of hacking and pulling. I started to hack away but didn’t want to go too crazy and fill up the whole lot with tree limbs.

Welcome To The Jungle

We had high hopes that at some point this week we’d be able to close but of course that would be too good to be true. Found out yesterday afternoon that our new closing date is now June 6th. Sigh….We leave town for 4 days June 7th for one of my art shows. I envision the office lackeys sitting in a big room throwing darts at a calendar and picking out dates that don’t really mean anything. So we’ll see if a June 6th closing actually happens. My gut says no but my brain says think positive.

7 days and counting until new closing date.