Ready or not!

June 11, 2012 in The Home by Joe

Finally! We closed on the house last Wednesday! We couldn’t wait for this day to be over and get this headache behind us. Oh wait, you actually think it went off without a hitch? Surely you haven’t read the whole blog yet. ;)  After we closed on Wednesday we had to leave town for one of my glass bead shows for 4 days. While at the show Barry got an email on Friday or Saturday letting us know the closing was null. It’s probably a good thing I was in public around tons of customers otherwise I probably would have went off on a cursing tangent. The seller had to throw one more wrench into the plans just for fun I think. They never signed any of the HUD paperwork so we still didn’t have a house. Good god! You’d think after selling off lots of foreclosures a bank would know by now how it works. Even their attorney should have known how to handle this, but of course a thumb tack has more smarts than this crew it appears.

We have to be out of our current house July 1st. When the original closing was scheduled we had over a month to get the new place somewhat livable. I envisioned this latest speed bump taking at least another week to be fixed giving us only two weeks to de-funkify the place. Luckily it was just a matter of some papers being signed and it actually got done today. Can I stop holding my breath now? I hope so! As soon as I post this we are leaving to go over to the house to start the clean-up. I hope we can get a lot done in the next 2-3 weeks. Any volunteers? :)

Now that we can start working on the house, hopefully the blog posts will get a little more exciting and have more substance. I’m sure you’ve grown tired of reading about incompetent people by now.