Lets Get Dirty!

Gloves, check!

Dust mask, check!

Demo tools, check!

Lets get dirty!

My original plan was to get the dining and living room floors ripped up back down to the hardwood and get them sanded and finished before moving in. We have 3 cats and a dog that would need to be corralled during refinishing and I didn’t want to have to deal with that. Plus we have a huge sectional that is going to be a bear to move around.

What I didn’t plan on was that the bottom most layer of vinyl tile having very very sticky gooey adhesive to deal with. I figured the glue was going to be 50 years old and scrape right up. Ooops, guess not. So what I thought was going to take a week to do has turned into probably 3 weeks of pulling and scraping. Still not even sure the original hardwood flooring in these two rooms can be saved at this point. We’ll have to wait and see how this glue comes off.

Icky Sticky!

Change Of Plans

I figure we can live with some rather ugly flooring for a while in the living room and dining room. What we do need is a clean kitchen and working bathroom. This house has neither at the moment. The kitchen and bathroom are probably the worst parts of the house. The kitchen had a mouse infestation so there was no way I was putting any of our dishes anywhere near it. There was even a nest under the cabinets. Barf!!

We spent most of the last two days tearing out the cabinets and then I started tearing out the floor, all 4 layers of ugly flooring choices made over the last 20 years. I’ll never understand why people thought covering up hardwood floors with vinyl was a good decision. I have yet to see a vinyl or linoleum floor that I thought looked good. That and wallpaper are two of my biggest pet peeves, yuck!

The Nasty Kitchen

Good Bye Cabinets!

One or two more days and the kitchen should be back to its bare bones. Seeing as there was 4 layers of flooring on top of the hardwood, I have a ton of screws and staples to pull. Not looking forward to that. At least I have the majority of the flooring up at this point. The kitchen smells better already.

After removing the many layers of material I am finally down to the hardwood in the kitchen. I think it may be salvageable. I sure hope so cause I think it is beautiful. It’ll look even better once sanded, re-stained and sealed. Kind of neat thinking the hardwood floors we’ll be walking on are almost 100 years old. All the nail and screw holes will just be added character.

Kitchen Floor

Kitchen Floor

Hardwood revealed!

Here’s a close up shot of the kitchen floor. You can see about 30 staples in just that tiny little area. Ugh! I’m going to loathe staples in a very short time. I also thought I should show a photo of me actually getting dirty, it’s kind of rare sight to see. ;)

Kitchen Hardwood Close-up

Joe pulling up flooring

We are going to head over to the local Habitat for Humanity restore store today before going over to the house. Need to see if we can’t find some affordable temporary cabinetry to put in the kitchen till we have a clearer idea of how we want to lay out the house and what walls are coming down. Never been to one of these “ReStore” stores so this should be fun, and potentially dangerous.

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  1. Kris

    The vinyl with the 2 squares would kinda look cool on a bead, doncha think?

    • Joe

      I’m not going to want to see that design ever again after this lol.

  2. Ellen

    Oh, darn. You’re getting rid of the faux inlaid wood linoleum. It was soooo lovely. You really should have kept it.
    What’s wrong with you anyway?????????? hahahaha
    Back breaking work at the very least but when it’s all said and done, it’s going to be beautiful.

    • Joe

      It was a real hard decision whether to keep it or take it out. It certainly is eye catching isn’t it :)

  3. Nicole

    I sure hope you saved a section of that extra special floor for framing…it would make for quite a conversational piece of artwork.

    • Joe

      Ha! If you want me to save you some I will. I’m nice like that :)

  4. Diana

    Oh, I don’t envy you removing stapes, been there done that. It’s such a time consuming job, I have a special tool that was used in our old shoe facotry, not for that purpose, but it pops the staples right out , it’s the bomb, unfortunately I only have one or I’d sent it to you. It’s going to be wonderful, can’t wait to see the progress. Dicrodi

    • Joe

      The good news is I don’t have to take the staples out now. Yes!! We decided to take out the flooring since it has too much damage.

  5. Jill R

    Hi Guys! Joe, that floor is going to beautiful when you get all those staples and screws out. That has got to be a horrible job! But when that floor is sanded and stained….wow. You know where else they had cheap cabinets? IKEA. But they probably are still too much for what you are intending to use them for now. Keep the faith…it will get better!

    • Joe

      I looked at IKEA and yes they are still too much for something temporary. Found out a couple weeks ago though that Habitat for Humanity actually have resale stores in our area. Hoping they’ll have some decent cabinets we can put in.

  6. Shari Hagewood

    We needed additional storage in our kitchen and found a tall, two door cabinet at a very reasonable price. If the ReStore doesn’t have anything check out the storage sections at your nearest big box home improvement store. Those cabinets can always be moved to the garage or basement later. You are doing a great job, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching the process!

    • Joe

      Whatever we put in the kitchen will probably be moved to the garage like you said or into the basement for my studio.

      Glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks for reading and the comment.

  7. Pierre Santoro

    I love this post. It is funny , entertaining and at the same time, practical. The kitchen is definitely dirty but I am betting it will sparkly anytime soon. Can’t wait to see your new kitchen cabinets.

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