A Little This, A little That

July 23, 2012 in Basement, Landscaping by Joe

Haven’t started working on the kitchen as of yet but we managed to get a couple of things done.

The most important thing that was accomplished was getting my studio area setup and unpacked. No work means no pay for me, and I think I ran out of money a week ago. So I was very glad to get things going again and get back to work. I think my customers are happy as well ;)

The Before

Presto! Back in Biz!

My work area still needs a ton of organizing and some rearranging but it’s up and running. I’ll deal with those other pesky details when I find myself sitting there staring at my work table in a blank stare with no inspiration in sight.

The other project of note is the overgrown evergreen tree that was overtaking most of the front porch and steps. Someone previously chopped off the top so it’s kind of an ugly tree when you get too close to it. We went crazy with the shears and trimmers and I guess it looks somewhat better now. I stood there for at least 10 minutes staring at it waiting for it to tell me what it’d like to look like but it never came to me. So we left it in sort of a round shape. Id like to get rid of it and put something new there but I really like the “screening” it provides. Maybe in the fall or spring we’ll find something better to put there. Any ideas?

Overgrown Evergreen

Where’s the porch?

Looks a little better

Last year Barry had some left over wood from one of his jobs and he was feeling crafty. He made 4 bird houses that we planned on painting and putting up at our old house. I only ever managed to get one fully painted and a second half-finished. Decided to hang them both from our sad disproportionate tree. Like it needed any more attention drawn to it.

Added Birdhouses and bath

Half painted bird house

Funky bird house

Barry also spent quite a bit of time last week in the back yard working on getting rid of our mess back there, cutting down trees, and picking up trash. I won’t show any of those photos because it’s still embarrassingly cluttered but if you follow the link below you can see what we found in our debris pile.

We will most likely start on the kitchen either tomorrow or the next day. Can’t wait! Living out of a crock pot and microwave is not easy when you love cooking. A person can only handle so many Hot Pockets, and I’ve already passed my limit.