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Back In The Kitchen

August 26, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

Couple of days ago Barry added up what we’ve spent on the house so far and it came to about 5 grand. Things certainly do add up in a hurry when you aren’t paying attention. If you saw the house in person you’d probably ask yourself “where?!”. That’s certainly what we’ve been saying when we look around. When things are so far gone, and there is so much to do I think it’ll be awhile before we can look at the house and say “ok, things are starting to look good”. I don’t expect Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart to come calling anytime soon.

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Never A Dull Moment

August 24, 2012 in The Neighborhood by Joe

I don’t know what it is but I feel that we’ve cursed the neighborhood when we moved in. It seems that when we move in to a new area weird things start happening, I swear!

When we moved in to our previous house, the power in the whole neighborhood went out 7 times in 3 months. Everyone said that’s never happened…until we moved in :)

That really doesn’t compare to what’s been going on around here though. First our neighbors house collapses. Then yesterday a house six doors down starts on fire. I’m kind of afraid to ask whats next?

House Fire


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Change Of Plans

August 20, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

The kitchen is now sitting empty, bare and lonely waiting to be filled with its fancy new look. Unfortunately we’ve run into a little problem in my design idea. Due to the small size of the kitchen the right thing to do would be use white cabinets and then bring in the richness with the flooring and counter. I’ve discovered there is no such thing as white cabinets made from real wood these days. Every “painted” cabinet is now pressed board laminated with some crap called thermofoil. I refuse to put fake wood cabinets in our kitchen. I really don’t understand the point. You spend thousands for a kitchen and once the cabinets start to show wear what is a person suppose to do if they can’t paint or re-finish them. Stupid I tell ya!

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Riding The Rails

August 19, 2012 in Around Town by Joe

No new stuff to post about the house so I thought I’d share some recent photos that I took. It’s odd how going black and white, or sepia can really add some interest to a photo.


Chicago El



Rail Car


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Kitchen In Progress

August 14, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

Things seem to be moving along nicely now with the in progress kitchen project. Or maybe I’m just saying that in hopes of trying to convince myself that this project doesn’t totally suck! What no sympathy?! Ha!

Last week I got most of the plaster down and out of the kitchen. Thanks to my awesome new window chute clean-up is so much faster now. Love it! I can make a mess fast and clean up quicker than it took me to make the mess. That is until I run out of garbage cans to fill anyway.

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Work Smarter Not Harder

August 7, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

I knew I had to come up with a better way of clearing the plaster debris from the kitchen as carrying it out one 5 gallon bucket at a time was tedious and time consuming. Not to mention hard on the back with all the bending over.

If you read my recent post about Lulu’s early morning adventure you’ll understand one of the other reasons for this project.

The house itself is a raised bungalow, which means the basement is half below and half above ground. So the 1st floor is actually a half story above ground level. This means that even though I have a great aim, throwing stuff out the window and hitting the garbage can wasn’t going to work.

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Getting Plastered – Kitchen Demo

August 5, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

I’m literally getting plastered here! Not the kind of plastered that will give you a pounding headache the next morning though. We’re talking plaster walls here, a dirty nasty job.

With the floor gone in the kitchen it was time to attack the walls. I don’t know why but I’ve been really looking forward to taking down some walls. I think I just wanted to break stuff.

The last two days I’ve been wielding a hammer and dust mask and making a huge mess of the kitchen. Poor walls didn’t have a chance! It’s all fun and stuff until you look at the floor and see the huge mess that you now have to clean up. Doh!

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by Joe

Here Kitty Kitty!

August 4, 2012 in Cat's Meow by Joe

Last night during my clean up time where I am tasked with carrying out 5 gallon pails of plaster to the garbage cans, I ran into a little snafu. I came back inside after a trip, closed the back door and then went out the front door to cool off on the front porch. After I came back in I noticed the back door was open a crack. A crack wide enough for a cat to get out. No!!!! I quickly ran to the back door and out onto the back porch to see our youngest cat high tailing it across the back yard. At this point it’s now 2am in the morning and I had planned on getting to bed early for a change.

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