Here Kitty Kitty!


Last night during my clean up time where I am tasked with carrying out 5 gallon pails of plaster to the garbage cans, I ran into a little snafu. I came back inside after a trip, closed the back door and then went out the front door to cool off on the front porch. After I came back in I noticed the back door was open a crack. A crack wide enough for a cat to get out. No!!!! I quickly ran to the back door and out onto the back porch to see our youngest cat high tailing it across the back yard. At this point it’s now 2am in the morning and I had planned on getting to bed early for a change.

I turn on the backyard flood lights and go after her, she runs away from me and heads behind the garage. What the hell! I lose her for about 10 minutes not being able to figure out where she went. Our back yard is sort of fenced in but a cat could easily get out as there are sections where a human can even get through. I figured she was long gone. I should note the cat is almost all black, very small for an adult cat and quick as lighting.

I ran back inside to grab a flash light so I could see behind the garage. Nope not back there. I check under the snowmobile trailer, not there either. At this point I’m sure she is gone and I’m in between panic, pissed, and upset.

Decided to go back in the house just to make sure it was our cat that I saw running, as there are a lot of stray cats in this neighborhood. I was sure it was ours but I didn’t get a real good look it was moving so fast. No luck, wishful thinking. As I’m walking into the back yard again I catch a glimpse of her as she quickly darted off again to what looked like she headed under the trailer. I look and she’s not there. Ok either this cat is Houdini or I’m going crazy. So I walk around the garage, up and down the length of the fence and no sign of her. Hmmm.

I walk back up towards the house so I could kind of see the whole back yard at the same time and I see her come out from under a snowmobile that we have on the ground behind the snowmobile trailer. Ha! Got you ya little stinker! Except that she now has decided to hate me and not come when she’s called like she always does, because that worked so well from the beginning of this. Spent 30 minutes going back and forth with her and following her around trying to get close enough to grab her. She comes to her senses and finally comes to me and I grab her. Holy mother of Mary! I think the whole hood heard her scream bloody murder! It scared me and I dropped her. She quickly found refuge under another snowmobile on the trailer. Dammit!

Again I poked and prodded trying to get her to come out. I quickly learned that this is definitely not a one person job. You go to where she comes out and she heads to another location. Sigh! This continued on for about another 20 minutes.

In the end I got her away from the trailer and snowmobiles and “hiding” under a chair in the middle of the yard. Making progress now! I was worried that if she got to the front of the house that she would then be gone for sure. Thankfully after she left the safety of the guard chair she bolted for the back porch door and back into the house.

Lulu cat

Lulu aka Houdini


Thanks a lot for making me chase you around the back yard for over an hour at 3 in the morning to only have you run back into the house on your own! I’m positive she’s laughing at me and already plotting her next outdoor adventure. She may look all cute and innocent, but she’s pure evil!!

5 comments for “Here Kitty Kitty!

  1. Haley (favorite child)
    4 August, 2012 at 6:29 am

    Shes a sassy one!!! Darn you, Lulu

    • Joe
      5 August, 2012 at 1:24 am

      You’ve got that right! She’s just waiting for the opportunity to ruin my day again lol.

  2. Ellen
    4 August, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Years ago we had a crazy calico that refused to be an indoor cat. She would go outside and then climb up the big tree near our house, jump onto the roof and then come to our window and “asked” to be let in. What a pain in the ass. Good thing they’re cute, eh?

    • Joe
      5 August, 2012 at 1:26 am

      That’s kind of funny, but I’m sure really annoying at the time. Sometimes animals can seem so dense and other times so darn smart!

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