Work Smarter Not Harder

August 7, 2012 in Kitchen by Joe

I knew I had to come up with a better way of clearing the plaster debris from the kitchen as carrying it out one 5 gallon bucket at a time was tedious and time consuming. Not to mention hard on the back with all the bending over.

If you read my recent post about Lulu’s early morning adventure you’ll understand one of the other reasons for this project.

The house itself is a raised bungalow, which means the basement is half below and half above ground. So the 1st floor is actually a half story above ground level. This means that even though I have a great aim, throwing stuff out the window and hitting the garbage can wasn’t going to work.

From all the demo we’ve been doing there is a lot of random wood laying about. I decided to get crafty like I always do in problematic situations. With my mind in ponder mode I sought out to build me a window chute. I brainstormed a bit, laid out some ideas, and got to work.

Window Chute

Window Chute

Window chute

Turned out perfect!

While the sun beat down on me I came up with the above. There’s no blood or tears in it but definitely lots of sweat! With my new contraption I’ve cut my clean up time in half, don’t have to carry buckets, or chase cats around outside in the middle of the night. Success! Although I think I need to make the sides higher as some bits like to bounce out sometimes. Over-all though I’m quite happy with what I managed to throw together.

Whatever will I come up with next…