Back In The Kitchen


Couple of days ago Barry added up what we’ve spent on the house so far and it came to about 5 grand. Things certainly do add up in a hurry when you aren’t paying attention. If you saw the house in person you’d probably ask yourself “where?!”. That’s certainly what we’ve been saying when we look around. When things are so far gone, and there is so much to do I think it’ll be awhile before we can look at the house and say “ok, things are starting to look good”. I don’t expect Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart to come calling anytime soon.

As the saying goes you have to start somewhere, and we’re starting in the kitchen. The original windows that are in there were too low for a standard height counter, by about 6″ or so. We have to make use of every square inch of the space so the windows had to come out and new smaller in height windows had to go back in.

Window opening

Can we leave it like this?

After the two old windows were taken out I kind of wish we could have gone back in with one big window. In the end though all we have to look at when at the kitchen sink is our neighbors house so I guess I’ll get over it. Plus we weren’t quite sure if the opening was built to support itself as a whole or not. That and the window would have to be custom-built and cost about $900. It’d look great but not a smart way to spend money.


Framing in window

Starting to frame in


When I help Barry I’m pretty much the tool and clean-up bitch so that’s why you’ll rarely ever see me in any of the photos. I think he doesn’t trust me with the big boy tools or something ;)

Time to start framing in for the new windows!



Framing windows

More framing


The previous owners just ran the counters in front of the windows. Talk about a cleaning nightmare, wait I don’t think they cleaned anyway…

You can see how much the windows had to be raised in order to accommodate the standard kitchen counter height.



New windows installed

They’re In!


The new windows go in without a hitch. It helps when you know what you’re doing I guess.

All that is left to do is face the outside in wood.




New Kitchen Windows

All Done!


Several hours later and we have two new windows. At least something looks new in the house finally.

Just have to wrap the exposed wood in aluminum and the project will be complete.




Next on the project list is deciding on the cabinets we will be going with so that we can pick out the tile floor and get that installed. Either that or we’ll be putting the walls back up first. Not sure which order we plan on doing this. Seeing as one of our vehicles needs a 4 thousand dollar repair, it’ll be the cheaper of the two projects.

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  1. Ellen
    27 August, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    It’s tough when money gets in the way and you have to settle but you guys did a great job with the windows.

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