October Surprise!


I don’t know what it is but these last couple of months have really packed a punch. I haven’t updated the blog in some time due to nothing happening because of this persistent black cloud that just won’t go away. I can take bad luck but I usually like it to be properly dispersed throughout the year, not all in the span of a couple of months.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Barry’s work truck has been sitting for a couple of months now waiting for us to save up enough to get it fixed. So in the mean time he’s been using our other car for work, which leaves me without wheels. Which isn’t a huge deal since I work from home and only need a car a couple of times a week for errands.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve had no kitchen. We moved in July 1st so that puts us at 4 months of no kitchen, yikes! You’d be surprised how well you can actually still cook with just a hot plate and a toaster oven though. I felt like Martha Stewart in “prison” having to cope with the surroundings and adapt.

Two weeks ago the money around here wasn’t as tight as usual so work resumed on the temporary kitchen, and the truck was to be taken in to get its fix done. Yes!! I’ll be making another post at a later date about the temporary kitchen.

Last Sunday night we found an oven on craigslist that was too good of deal to pass up. So last Monday we headed into the city to go look at it and hopefully purchase. We loved it, wrote the check and headed home. Less than a mile from home I noticed steam/smoke coming out of the hood and brought it to Barry’s attention. He quickly pulled into the gas station and turned the car off. Jumped out and popped the hoot. Kaboom!! Radiator decides explode almost taking off Barry’s face. It’s a good thing he’s got cat-like reflexes or he could have been injured. Oddly enough, a block away was Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Odd how things like that happen sometimes.

Broke Car

Poor thing :(

Long story short, had to cancel the oven :( , rent a car for the week, and buy a new radiator instead. Dam! Was so close to having a kitchen I could taste it, literally!

On Saturday Barry and his son replaced the radiator and all was well. I couldn’t drive the rental all last week since putting me on would have been an extra $70, stupid. So today I had a lot of catching up to do as in lots of errands to run. My day started with so much promise. Although I should have known the powers that be were still not done with trying to drive me into the nut house. I just knew me taking the car before Barry had a chance to take it out for a lengthy drive was going to bite me in the ass.

About an hour into my errands the car started to sputter and was losing power quickly. It’s a stick so it was jerking like crazy from what appeared to be a fuel problem of some sort. The first place I could pull into was a forest preserve and as I turned into the preserve the car went dead. I didn’t even make it to the parking lot of the preserve. Which you’ll learn was actually a good thing.

In all the confusion of what was going on, after I realized where I had actually pulled into I had to laugh. The forest preserve where I ended up in, it is one that is very well-known for the married closet cases to go to in search of “fun time” with other married guys. Of all the places I had to end up in I had to pick the “cruising” spot!

By this time Barry had called Enterprise Rental to get the car rental back that we had just returned not two hours ago, and call the wrecker…again. So while I waited the hour to be rescued, I got to watch married guys trying to find love in all the wrong places. I’m a huge people watcher so this was all too entertaining for me.

In the end I think I’m kind of offended that nobody tried to pick me up!!!

So how was your Monday?

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