When To Start Seeds Indoors?


Even though I pretty much grow the same vegetables every year, I always seem to forget the optimal time for starting my seeds indoors. Or what seeds shouldn’t be started indoors. The six month winter hiatus pretty much wipes my memory clear every year it seems.

seedlings under light

Grow my babies!

To remedy this problem I started a log book of the things I grew the past year and when they should be planted. As things often go though, when you really really need something it always has a way of disappearing into some unknown abyss. Of course it turns up weeks or months later when your looking for something totally unrelated that went missing as well. At the time you actually do find the item you don’t even need it.

I found this website last time it came to starting seeds indoors but forgot about it until just now. Again I was searching for seed starting info because yes I couldn’t find my log book. Sproutrobot.com is a neat little website where all you do is enter your zip code and it’ll tell you what you should be doing this week. You can also look ahead to see what you might want to plan for. Totally awesome! No more taking seed notes, or scouring the internet for hours regathering the info you need.

What are you growing this year? No, weeds don’t count.

2 comments for “When To Start Seeds Indoors?

  1. 3 April, 2013 at 1:07 am

    Green onions, bell peppers, and I haven’t started my pole beans yet.
    Perennial we have strawberries, papayas as long as they last, bananas, passion fruit, avocados, coffee, cloves (is there s ‘hide’ emoticon here?). I have given up on snow peas because we never get much out of them and as expensive as they are to buy, the seeds are too.

  2. Joe
    3 April, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    MMMM sounds great Maren! I wish we could grow tropical things here. I would love to be able to grow avocados and bananas!

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