Godzilla!! In My Garden

July 10, 2013 in Gardening by Joe

Today was the day for strange happenings it appears.While out tending to my now overflowing raised cinder block garden, I ran into two oddities.

grapevine-beetlePoking and prodding around in my cucumbers today I got a little surprise, wait I mean a big surprise. Underneath one of the leafs was this gigantic Godzilla sized lady bug. In my head I’m thinking to myself “WTF! is that thing” or maybe I said it out loud. I talk to myself a lot, just ask Barry, it annoys him to no end. This peculiar looking insect actually kinda of scared me it was so big, and unexpected. For a couple of seconds there I thought I had a lady bug that possibly got into some GMO’s somewhere and mutated into this evil-looking alien beetle that was preparing to take over the world. After a quick search I found that it wasn’t a mutant lady bug plotting my demise. Whew! We’re all safe. Apparently this monster is a grapevine beetle, why it’s in my garden I have no idea.

I wanted to get a much better photo of the beetle but the sheer size of it was kind of creeping me out. He/she was about 2″ long, 1″ across, fat and juicy. If it flew off the plant and landed on me while trying to get a better photo, I think I would have embarrassed myself by running around the backyard screaming like a crazy 12-year-old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. So I kept my distance and my dignity.

Another strange bug was this bee like insect that I’ve never seen before either. Its body was a bright reddish-orange and had big fuzzy back legs. It kept buzzing in and out of my garden quickly hitting flower after flower so I was unable to get a photo of it. I just imagined because it was so colorful looking I probably didn’t want to piss it off and get stung, if it was even a bee. Google was no help so I will never know what it was.