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So, I’ve been a graphic artist for a good number of years. Some of it has paid the bills but most of my graphic work was for my own benefit. I’m not a master, pro, or whatever you want to throw out there, but I really enjoy¬† the creative process.

There has been many nights where I get so involved with what I’m doing and before I realize it, it’s suddenly 4am. At that point I have already blown my chance of getting up at a decent hour so I just continue to trudge along and try to finish up what I’m working on. Then the sun starts to come up and I realize that I must go to bed.

Something I’ve wanted to do for several years now but already had too many things going on at the time, was to start screen printing my own t-shirts. I almost bought one of those cheapy Yudu hobby screen printing machine thingies from Joans Fabric a couple of years ago. I forget why I never did. Probably because I knew I’d outgrow its limits within a week and be wanting a real screen printing setup shortly there after which equals $$$.

screenprintI’ve decided that now is the time to do it if I was ever going to. The only problem, it’s quite expensive to get started with. So I’m trying something called crowd-funding with Kickstarter to help me get started in my new creative endeavor. Not familiar with Kickstarter? It’s a place for creative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Artists and the like post creative project campaigns and then seek out backing to enable the project. Each backer also has a choice of rewards for their pledging so nobody goes away empty-handed. It’s quite the neat idea.

Check out my Kickstarter campaign and back my project. Even if it’s just $1. If I don’t reach my goal of $3500, I get none, zilch, nadda, zero. So every dollar counts. If nothing else, you have to watch my awesomely cheesy video!

I have loads of more designs in the works but wanted my first screen prints to be on the simple side while I work out all the bumps. Please help me spread the word as every pledge is important to reaching my goal.

- Designs I’m working on -

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