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Me, Myself, and Glitter

Glitter Tag with Paper Bow

For a good lot of people the holiday season is a favorite time of year because of the gifts. Me, well I love Christmas time because I get to over indulge myself in the use of glitter.

Good Riddance


For the last two years we’ve enjoyed the view of a half collapsed house across the street. Sitting on the porch, it’s there. Sitting in the living room, it’s there. Perfectly framed through our large front windows like a horrible…

Grilled Asparagus


One of my favorite times of year is here. It’s asparagus season! Oddly enough while growing up I thought these tall thin green stalks were not appealing in the least. As I’ve aged though I’ve come to appreciate healthy foods…

Square Foot Gardening 2.0

cinder block garden

Another year of gardening has arrived and this time around I’ve decided to change things up with my raised cinder block garden. It will be getting a new location and a new shape. Last year my foray into square foot…

Kitchen Rehab

shaker cabinets

Nothing much has been happening around here lately so I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I’d like to be. I know, shame on me! I should probably be punished. However, a couple weeks ago something awesome happened.…