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Chicago Flood Photos

April 20, 2013 in Around Town by Joe

The Des Plaines river here in the greater Chicago area finally stopped rising, but not before it made a huge mess. Most of the water that was covering the roads and interstate has already disappeared and you’d never know there was even a flood.

by Joe

Chicago Flood

April 20, 2013 in Around Town by Joe

What happens when it rains hard for over 12 hours? If you’ve been watching the news you probably heard about all the flooding that’s happening in Chicago.

It was the storm that just wouldn’t end it seems. The only good thing about the storm was all the lightning and thunder. The bad part was of course the flooding. When Chicago floods, it floods!

7 hours into the rain our backyard had soaked up all the water it could and started to flood. I had gone to bed at 3am but sleep was not to be had. Awoken at 5:30am by a jab to the side by a dog toe nail I decided to get up and check on the situation since it was till raining.

Backyard Flood

Where’s my floaties!

We had pumps going all through the night to bring water from the back out to the street but it was not enough. There was now 8″ of standing water in our backyard that spread throughout the majority of the all the backyards. Going back to bed was not an option.

The water was inching closer and closer to the house by the hour slowly just threatening to ruin my day.

It was still raining buckets of water going on 12 hours and according to the weather map, didn’t look like it was going to let up any time soon. With the water in the backyard licking the back of our house I didn’t see good things in our future.

At this point Barry was on his way to Home depot to see if they had any more pumps and to grab some pipes for a nearby friend whose basement hadn’t fared so well with the rains. Obviously there were no pumps to be had. However as any opportunist scum-bag always jumps at the chance to take money from people in need, there was a guy in the Home Depot parking lot selling $80 sump pumps out of the back of his van for $300. There’s a special place in hell for people like him. Barry called the police and I hope he got some hefty fines.

Thankfully several hours later and not a moment too soon the rain tapered off and crisis was averted. A good number of our neighbors and surrounding areas weren’t so lucky. Not sure how we were spared but I’m glad we were. I’ve had enough flooded basements to last me a lifetime thank you very much.

Oddly enough, as I am writing this it is snowing outside. What?! April is supposed to bring rain showers (got that) not snow showers. Chicago has some strange strange weather.

Were you in the path of this unrelenting storm? How did you fare?


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Rehab Road Blocks

February 5, 2013 in Around Town by Joe

Here it is 6 months later and I expected to be so much further ahead on the house projects.

We seem to be stuck in a bad cycle of unfortunate circumstances. Starting a couple of months ago both vehicles started to fall apart, at the same time naturally. About 10 grand later that situation was remedied.

Then Barry decided to play monster truck driver with the newly fixed truck.

truck accident

That’s gonna leave a mark

Everyone was ok, somehow, and it was the other drivers fault. Of course you know this means we are back down to one vehicle…again!

Here’s to hoping this will be the end of all the road blocks so we can get back to the house projects. I’m getting way antsy and I need to tear something down!

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Riding The Rails

August 19, 2012 in Around Town by Joe

No new stuff to post about the house so I thought I’d share some recent photos that I took. It’s odd how going black and white, or sepia can really add some interest to a photo.


Chicago El



Rail Car