Around Town

Miscellaneous postings about things in and around Chicago.

Chicago Flood Photos

cemetery under water

The Des Plaines river here in the greater Chicago area finally stopped rising, but not before it made a huge mess. Most of the water that was covering the roads and interstate has already disappeared and you’d never know there…

Chicago Flood

What happens when it rains hard for over 12 hours? If you’ve been watching the news you probably heard about all the flooding that’s happening in Chicago. It was the storm that just wouldn’t end it seems. The only good…

Rehab Road Blocks

Here it is 6 months later and I expected to be so much further ahead on the house projects. We seem to be stuck in a bad cycle of unfortunate circumstances. Starting a couple of months ago both vehicles started…

Riding The Rails

No new stuff to post about the house so I thought I’d share some recent photos that I took. It’s odd how going black and white, or sepia can really add some interest to a photo.