Crafty Time

Being creative and crafty soothes my soul! Everyone should play with glitter and glue at least once a week. ;)

Me, Myself, and Glitter

Glitter Tag with Paper Bow

For a good lot of people the holiday season is a favorite time of year because of the gifts. Me, well I love Christmas time because I get to over indulge myself in the use of glitter.

Kickstarter Campaign


So, I’ve been a graphic artist for a good number of years. Some of it has paid the bills but most of my graphic work was for my own benefit. I’m not a master, pro, or whatever you want to…

Repurposed Empty Glass Bottles


When you’ve shaken the last delectable dropĀ  out of that Tabasco bottle, or seasoned one last dish with a soy sauce bottle, or any other glass bottle, it usually goes straight into the recycle bin. Wait, not so fast! Here’s…

Stove-Top Potpourri


I love candles. If you saw our stash some might even say we have a slight candle hording problem. A trip to Bath and Body Works or White Barn Candle Company takes at least an hour and usually ends with…