by Joe

Moving Week

June 23, 2012 in Shopping, The Home by Joe

The big move starts Sunday! The plan is tobe out of our current place and into the new place by Friday. Naturally what will probably be our busiest moving day, Thursday, and it’s forecasted right now to be 103. I shall tape ice cubes to my forehead.

The house is nowhere near as ready as we’d hoped it would be before we moved in but what ya going to do? One more month and a couple grand and we’d be in a better state. Unfortunately we don’t have another month or a couple spare thousand so move in we shall. I’m still looking forward to it even though it won’t be very comfortable for a while. One thing that will be better is not actually having to drive over to a second house to work on it. As much as it sucks to work on a home while living in it, especially the amount and scale of work we’ll be doing. It’ll just be easier it seems to tackle projects when they are staring you in the face and screaming to be made pretty again.

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by Joe

Eye Candy

May 11, 2012 in Shopping by Joe

One of the bonuses of having a partner who’s in the construction trades is we get to shop at places that the general public doesn’t know about or places the public can’t even buy from. That and we don’t have to hire a contractor to do any of the work in our new rehab home. Although…a house full of construction guys could be ummm fun? :) I may have to rethink our approach here.

We’ll probably do a lot of shopping at Home Depot but will not be buying any of the finishings from there or any other well-traveled store if we can help it. Why is that you wonder? Let me explain. When a person steps into a house and can say to themselvesĀ  “that tile is from Home Depot.” or “those cabinets I’ve seen at a dozen other houses” is not the first thing we want people to say to themselves. Not that there is anything wrong with tile or cabinets from these places, but we want to use more unique things. I guess we’re high maintenance.

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