How to Polish A Turd

July 17, 2012 in Bedrooms, Dining Room, Living Room by Joe

No matter what you may have heard or read, you really can polish a turd! Or at least come pretty close to disguising it.

I meant to make this post a couple of weeks ago but I ran out of time before things got a bit crazy with our move.

Due to our lack of time and the proper amount of funds to properly get the house in a better condition before moving in, we decided to carpet every room until we could do things properly. Actually we still aren’t 100% set on how we want to lay out things yet anyway.

Went to a place called Century Tile to look at carpet remnants. Saw a couple of things we liked but the place didn’t sell padding, tack strip, or anything for installing. So our money walked out the door. Which as we would find out was a good thing.

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