• Kitchen Layout
    Kitchen In Progress
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    Things seem to be moving along nicely now with the in progress kitchen project. Or maybe I’m just saying that in hopes of trying to convince myself that this project doesn’t totally suck! What no sympathy?! Ha! Last week I got most of the plaster down and out of the kitchen. Thanks to my awesome […]

  • Basement Demo
    Posted in: Basement, Bathroom

    We got a lot done this past week and weekend. I won’t say it wasn’t without tons of sweat! At least three of the days we were working on the house it was in the upper 90’s. Thankfully we had a couple of fans to blow some cooler air throughout the house or I think […]

  • Lets Get Dirty!
    Posted in: Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

    Gloves, check! Dust mask, check! Demo tools, check! Lets get dirty! My original plan was to get the dining and living room floors ripped up back down to the hardwood and get them sanded and finished before moving in. We have 3 cats and a dog that would need to be corralled during refinishing and […]