• Well That Wasn’t So Bad
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    House inspection complete! Another thing checked off the to-do list. Now all we need is to close on time. It’ll be a miracle if things go as planned. With the current state that the house was in we were sure the “fix this” list was going to be the length of a novel. Now don’t […]

  • A Little Speed Bump
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    If you haven’t read yet how we acquired the house that this blog is centered around and the headaches associated with it, be sure to read the¬† I Think We Just Bought A House post. The issues relating to our latest speed bump will make a bit more sense. I hate speed bumps, they’re as […]

  • The Waiting Game
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    Started packing our first boxes the other day. Almost exactly a year ago we were moving into the place we’re living in now, and now we get to do it all over again. The fact that we are moving and about to step into an unknown and long ¬†adventure is starting to set in. Are […]