• Honey, I’m home!
    Posted in: The Home

    We finally have internet again so here is my first update since moving into our new house. So far we’ve been in the new house for just a little over a week. Getting to this point required more sweat and lost sleep than I expected. On last Thursday which was kind of our first busy […]

  • Moving Week
    Posted in: Shopping, The Home

    The big move starts Sunday! The plan is tobe out of our current place and into the new place by Friday. Naturally what will probably be our busiest moving day, Thursday, and it’s forecasted right now to be 103. I shall tape ice cubes to my forehead. The house is nowhere near as ready as […]

  • The Waiting Game
    Posted in: The Home

    Started packing our first boxes the other day. Almost exactly a year ago we were moving into the place we’re living in now, and now we get to do it all over again. The fact that we are moving and about to step into an unknown and long ¬†adventure is starting to set in. Are […]